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October 6 – 8, 2023
Icelandair Hotel Reykjavík Natura
Nautholsvegur 52, Reykjavíkur
, Iceland
“See the adjustment you made on me in such a short time, I spent the last 30 years trying to fix. I had this inner anger which is now gone/ dissipated, and I feel way more at ease. Now when I look at people I don’t just see their mechanics but I see the underlying state they’re stuck in. Almost like how their brain is locked. I also feel so much calmer. Thank you for releasing this state in which I was trying so desperately to find.” – A 2023 student
This course is open to all of us who negotiate modern life in a body.

Come to the land of fire and ice to explore greater inner ease, vitality, and freedom of movement with Anatomy Trains author and founder Tom Myers.

Gain insights regarding your own soft tissue patterns through Tom’s holistic approach in seeing and understanding body patterns. Leave with invaluable information to strengthen your somatic resources, and self-development strategies on how to enhance dynamic balance and inner lift.

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In this three day immersion retreat, Tom synthesizes 50 years of teaching and therapy practice into applicable insights from recent research, leading to practical demonstrations of hands-on myofascial releases and movement practices.

  • Fascial Tensegrity: the stability / mobility equation & lifelong emotional learning
  • Get insight into movement patterns through BodyReading skeletal relationships
  • Fascia as a sensory organ: the basis for proprio-, intero-, and nociception
  • Mechanoreception: the ‘sixth sense’, sensitivity and physiological response
  • Autonomic regulation: emotion, and immunity
  • ‘Core support’: The low back’s thoracolumbar fascial membranes in pain syndromes

The language of movement underlies all our feelings and verbal communication. ‘Kinese’ is everyone’s first language in our infant years. We initially speak and listen through our kinaesthetic sense.

Supported by the energy of the beautiful Icelandic landscapes, learn the art and craft of sensing how bodies speak through common postural patterns.

No better place to reset and revitalize with three nourishing days filled with invaluable learning, transformative experiencing, and quality time for your bodymind and spirit.

Dagsetning / Dates:

October 6 – 8, 2023

Staðsetning/ Location:

Icelandair Hotel Reykjavík Natura
Nautholsvegur 52, Reykjavík, Iceland

Tími vinnustofu /Class Times:

9am – 5pm each day (Fri-Sun)


Tom Myers


$749 USD + early bird bonuses until September 8, 2023 / $799 USD thereafter

Cancellation Fee:

Up to 30 days prior, full refund less $100 admin fee; less than 30 days prior, nonrefundable

Hafa samband/Contact:

Sigrún Haraldsdóttir

869 7914

Tom Myers

Thomas Myers, is author of the acclaimed Anatomy Trains (Elsevier 2001, 2009, 2014), and director of Anatomy Trains which offers courses in manual therapy and the anatomy of movement worldwide.

Tom is one of the world’s foremost structural body workers, an expert in fascia and creator of Anatomy Trains, a method that provides a system of understanding fascia and how the human body negotiates between stability and mobility.

He studied with Ida Rolf, Moshe Feldenkrais, and Buckminster Fuller and has practiced integrative bodywork for more than 40 years. Tom has contributed over 65 articles for trade magazines and journals.

He lives, writes, and sails on the coast of Maine.